ENA-ARM Gamma Radiation Monitoring campaign

The gamma radiation monitoring campaign at the ENA-ARM facility focus on the study of the temporal variability of gamma radiation, aiming to examine how it is influenced by meteorological conditions and aerosols concentration, as well as its association with the atmosphere's ionization and the local atmospheric electric field.


Susana Barbosa (PI)

Pedro Miranda

Eduardo Brito Azevedo


Campaign - ARM webpage

Technical support from Mr Carlos Sousa and the whole ENA technical team is gratefully acknowledged.


Campaign data


Barbosa SM, Huisman JA, Azevedo EB, 2018. Meteorological and soil surface effects in gamma radiation time series-Implications for assessment of earthquake precursors. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 195, 72-78.

Barbosa SM, Miranda P, Azevedo EB, 2017. Short-term variability of gamma radiation at the ARM Eastern North Atlantic facility (Azores). Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 172, 218-231.