My research is highly interdisciplinary and with a strong emphasis on time series analysis and methodological approaches for the analysis of environmental data. A key aspect of my work is the incorporation of problem-related knowledge into the data analysis process, which requires a very close interaction with experts from different fields (oceanography, meteorology, geology, physics, statistics,...). In recent years I've focused on the study of natural radioactivity phenomena and the application of radon as an ultra­trace component for tracking temporally varying processes in the geologic environment and in the atmosphere, as well as in coastal and deep sea marine environments.


  • Coastal climate change, sea-­level variability and extremes in the Eastern Atlantic
  • Radon environmental applications

Projects (ongoing)

Gamma radiation campaign / Dataset


Projects (concluded)

RADON - Radon indoor and soil gas variability - joint experimental assessment (PTDC/CTE-GIX/110325/2009) - 2011-2014 (PI)

FCT-DAAD - Temporal changes in sea-level variability: From local to regional scales - 2011-2012 (PI)