Time: 10:00-10:55

Attendees: Catarina Monteiro, Diana GuimarĂ£es, Susana Barbosa


Current progress status


  • Cutting machine: Fernando (FCUP workshop) will check the design and give feedback); P. Jorge will request the workshop services for the cutting machine on behalf of R. Ribeiro

  • Meeting with Hamamatsu representative (M. Loureiro), waiting for quotations. Check with P. Jorge / C. Rosa / L. Peralta on the best option

  • Simulations: Geant (linux virtual machine available @INESC, if necessary) / MCNP transport code (C. Rosa)

  • Optical glue necessary to join the guiding fiber to the plastic scintillator (urgent item)

  • RA-226 source: in the lab drawer

Next actions

  • Catarina/Diana: send details (voltage, current) of power source for cutting machine

  • Susana: check desk@INESC for Catarina

  • Susana: send paper with table of gamma energies (Zafrir et al 2011)

  • Susana: forward emails (L. Peralta)

  • Catarina/Diana: check vendors/quotations for optical glue

Next meeting

2017-01-26 (B2.1)