Time: 10:00-12:00 (2h!!)

Attendees: Catarina Monteiro, Diana Guimarães, Susana Barbosa


1) current progress status

2) Other: regular meeting, spring school, workplace, seminar



Current status: slides

Alpha measurement: would require own epoxy (maybe later ??)

Gamma measurement: plastic scintillating fibers (+ adequate from the literature review)
Guiding fiber: polimeric or silica (to be determined depending on the signal attenuation)
Photon counting: MPCC (lower quantum efficiency) or photomultiplier (requires high tension source!)

Cutting machine with temperature control: need to buy blades and find a power source


  • Weekly meeting: thursdays, 10:00-11:00

  • Spring school strongmar: Diana Guimarães will attend

  • Workplace: CAP (Pedro Jorge's office, waiting for key); CSIG (waiting for Gaspar)

  • Seminar: Carla Rosa is in charge of setting-up Diana's seminar

Next actions

  • Susana: book room for next meetings

  • Catarina/Diana: buy blades for cutting machine

  • Catarina/Diana @João Ferreira/Gaspar: power source for cutting machine

  • Catarina/Diana@Pedro Jorge: DF's workshop & cutting machine

  • Susana: send scintillator info

Next meeting

2017-01-19 (B2.1)