Last update: 2017/03/06


Raw data

1-minute data 01/01/2013 to 12/31/2015
time in days since 01/01/1992

datafile - 1-minute

Raw data - daily plots

Raw data - 5-days plots

15-minute aggregated data

(for compatibility with Gidi's analysis; to have units of cpm, counts in 15 minutes are divided by 15)

script- data aggregation

Windowed detrending (5 days)

i) Subtraction of multi-day signal on windows of 5 days (5 is an arbitrary choice, in a trade-off to have a small subset of data easier for visual inspection while having more than 3 daily cycles)

ii) Averaging over the 5 days period (akin to Gidi's HID)

script - 5-days analysis

Plots - 5-days detrending & averaging

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