Dec 2016 - Scionix sensors testing

1. Set-up

Scionix input/output

LEMO connector (4 pole)
A - Analog main output (0-8V) - pulse shape ( not used )
GRN - Ground
12V - +12 V (11.5-13 V input)
TTL - TTL counting output (5V)

Bench power source

2. Testing of individual sensors/cables

Datalogger program

Datalogger program: progCR800testScionix.CR8

Wiring diagram:

Test 1: scionix 1, cable W (white)

Datalogger output: test1out.txt

Test 2: scionix 2, cable W (white)

Datalogger output: test2out.txt

Test 3: scionix 1, cable G (grey)

Datalogger output: test3out.txt

Test 4: scionix 2, cable G (grey)

Datalogger output: test4out.txt

3. Testing simultaneous operation

Datalogger program

Datalogger program: progCR800testScionixBoth.CR8

Wiring diagram:

Datalogger output: testBoth.txt

Note: datafile extracted from the datalogger with pycampbell is not correct (but datafile extracted with PC200W OK)