Test - Barasol sensor

(Jan 2017)

1. Set-up

height: 36 cm (taking into account the cable connector)
diameter: 6 cm
weight: 2.3 kg

White: ground
Brown: power supply (5V)
Yellow: output (pulse)
Green: signal ground

2. Test I

(11 Jan)

Datalogger program: progTest1

10 sec scan, 15-min storage/integration, multiplier(s)=1, offset(s)=0
Pulse input type: high frequency (default)[other options; low level AC, switch closure?)

Simultaneous connection of scionix (P1) and Barasol (P2) sensors

Datalogger output: Table1

For the complete (~6 days) test period the scionix counts rise very fast to a fixed value of 7999 counts, while the Barasol counts oscillate between 0 and 2.

The very low barasol counts are expected, e.g. 200 Bqm-3 is about 4 counts/hour, ~1 count/15-min. The scionix counts integrated over 15 min should be very high (~4000 x 15 =60 000) - the constant 7999 value is a saturation effect? use multiplier for the scionix counts??

3. Test II

(10 Jan, 15:31)

Datalogger program: progBarasolScionix20170120